Assurantiekantoor Alessie is specialized in temporary insurance for automobiles, campers and motorcycles. Whether you are planning a world trip, traveling for pleasure, business, or staying in a foreign country as temporary resident or student, Assurantiekantoor Alessie has the right insurance for you.

Assurantiekantoor Alessie

Specialized Insurances


Assurantiekantoor Alessie offers specialized vehicle insurance in the following regions:



 Australia (currently not available)

 Canada (currently not available)

 Central & South America (currently not available)


 New Zealand (currently not available)

 Russia and former East Block countries


Eligible vehicles:

Private passenger automobiles, caravans, campers, vans, pick-up trucks, trucks/lorries (for export), classic cars.

Please contact Assurantiekantoor Alessie for a detailed quote.


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